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whats wrong with me???
I'm not into my fandom anymore.
it feel different.
everything did.
i'm not in the mood on reading fanfic or read any news about my idol.
yesterday is Yamada Ryosuke birthday but I'm not in the mood of celebrate it.
then NEWS had a new song and there is the audio rip but i'm not interested on listening to it.
whats wrong with me???
me, myself have no answer to that.
what should i do to get back my fangirl side...
help me.. please..

30 April 2013 @ 12:45 pm
I'm on my semester break for one month.
so I hope I can catch up alot of thing that I miss out.
21 April 2013 @ 10:28 pm
hey everyone, long time no write.
actually tomorrow is my final exam for this sem.
wish me luck.
I feel quite nervous.
I hope I can do my best tomorrow.
I really miss you guys. I hope after this exam I can be more active here in lj.
there is a lot of things I have miss in my fandom, there is many things I have to catch up
so I hope I can do it after this exam.
okay bye for now.
once again wish me luck..
Dear angelique,
I want to move on.
I need to move on.
I'm trying to move on.
but why every time  i tried i always fail.
no matter how many times i have tried i still fail.
I'm still stuck in time.
let see, i thought i had this over but still not.
I thought i can forget about NEWS and accept them as 4 members,
but still not.
when i open my friend i saw project for news 10 anniversary
looks like my heart still heavy to accept the true.
maybe i'm still stuck with old NEWS.
with SIX members of NEWS.
what to do??

Next is FT Island,, I know them on the same time i know NEWS.
But after one of the member left the band, Oh Won BIN my favorite member,
i'm stop following them. 
my sister suddenly show me a new song of them and make me remember back the time I used to love them,
they also had replaced him with the new member but I still cant accept them back .
it just like they are not the same has i know them.

Tohoshinki, first korean group I love.
when them break, i felt really sad.
until now I'm not into JYJ nor THSK.

the Last but not least is Hey Say JUMP, I still cannot accept them without Ryutaro.
i still believe that ryutaro will come back to JUMP.
I want to believe in that.
recently I'm not into them too. because of I miss ryu-tan.
I already have jump world dvd but i not done finished watching it.
every time jump sing I will think about ryutaro and then automatically, my hand will stop the video.
thats why until now I'm not done watching it.

SO guys now what I'm going to do. this is just only in my fandom,
dont ask about my real life, i always stuck in the past. what to do?
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Current Music: random song in my playlist.
02 February 2013 @ 03:07 pm
i'm home.
actual i'm on my mid-sem break.
just one week though.
oh yaeah i got a story to share
i'm quite a spoiled girl so it rare for me to take bus,
so i starting ride on bus when i enter college. that is only when i want to went back home.
so yesterday, i'm on a bus with all my college friends, just said that our college
provide us a bus services, so we only need to buy the ticket and the bus will come to our college. 
there is al ot of bus, 
so yesterday my bus broke down.
its really scary. the engine may be to hot. its like it will explode. so all of us get down from the bus.
i was in the middle sit of the bus maybe near to the engine so the smoke from the engine make me cant breath.
i cant really smell smoke really allergic on it.
i felt like i'm dying. luckily there is a friend who help my. 
and then this happen twice.
 we got a ride another bus and it happen the same.
three time i change a bus. but i'm glad i arrived home safe.
that was a day that i cant forget.
so now i'm enjoying my break.